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England/Scotland Tour Day 2 (April 30th)

The second day was the first official tour day. We had to be up at 6 to leave by 7:30, and our first stop was Windsor. Windsor is home to Windsor castle which is the official home of the Queen. Our tour director Ben told us that the queen was at the castle today to visit because the Ascot horse race is coming up and she always goes to it. It was really foggy upon our arrival but by the time we had done some walking around, the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. I was told by my travel agent that this tour was for 18-35 year olds, but it was a huge surprise to find out that I was the youngest person on this tour. I have made a huge group of friends and am having a good time so far.

Our second stop was at Bath. Bath is a roman city that houses the infamous bath houses used by rich people many centuries ago. The original bath houses still stand, and we did a tour of the museum and there were a ton of relics that were recovered dating the bathhouse back to 76 AD ! We also did a tour of Bath Abbey, which has huge glass windows and beautiful high ceilings. The last thing we did was get Cornish pasties, which are like little pies with different fillings inside. The one I got was a Thai chicken , and it was actually very good! I looked in a few shops today but didn’t want to spend my money too early in the trip.

The last place we went to was Bristol, where we are staying the night. Bristol is known as a modernized party town with a busy nightlife. On our way to the hotel, we saw the Clifton suspension bridge which was created in the 1890s and still has cars going over it to this day. We made it to the hotel (Ibis Temple Meads Quay) and had a really nice dinner and I got to Skype with my friends and parents for a bit tonight which was great as well.

Tomorrow we are off to Chester and I am paying for 9 optional tours that will make my experience even better!!

Night for now :)

England/Scotland Tour Day 1 (April 29th)

Well here I am! Starting the tour of a lifetime :) I had quite a rocky flight on air transat airline because of a ton of crying kids but managed to land safely at Gatwick airport. I got on a train to London Victoria station and then hopped a taxi to the Ibis Earls court in London. The taxi ride was crazy and I don’t think I would ever be able to drive around London by myself ever. I was very jet lagged and tired so I did a lot of sleeping to try to get situated with London time. It was a great view out my window and I could even see the London eye :) tomorrow we go to Windsor, bath, and staying overnight in Bristol :) I can’t wait!